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Just a few more steps before you discover your next favourite loudspeaker

Speed Dating

Should your loudspeaker be portable?

Thanks to our latest technological developments Teufel systems are becoming lighter and more compact, making them easier to transport. This makes the biggest advantages of these speakers, their ability to be easily integrated into and situation. There is also a range of speakers for outdoor usage. All speakers vary in structure, performance, and setup.

No? You're looking for a stereo speaker or set for your home.

The classic stereo loudspeakers has maintained its favour over the years. The acoustic principle behind the speakers still pervades in today's digital world. Active stereo speakers are now a new trend, where the amplifier is built directly into the speaker saving on space.

Or are you looking for a surround set for your home?

Enjoying the sound of a real movie theatre at home in your own home theatre - for many people, this wish is the beginning of their home theatre planning. Surround speakers are part of this because they take care of the sound effects that make a film experience so rousing and lively. An optimal surround sound merges into a unity with the picture and allows you to immerse yourself in the action. With good home cinema systems, the effect speakers are joined by the centre speaker, which reproduces dialogues clearly.

Du möchtest nicht mehrere Lautsprecher aufstellen?

Soundbars und Sounddecks erfreuen sich wachsender Beliebtheit. Keine anderen Soundsysteme haben sich in jüngster Zeit so sehr im Wohnzimmer etabliert. Die einfache Integration und schnelle Installation einer Soundbar oder eines Sounddecks machen diese Soundsystem-Varianten so begehrt. Bei aktuellen Modellen muss man auch auf guten Klang nicht mehr verzichten. Im Gegenteil, durch modernes Signalprozessing, dem Einsatz mehrerer Treiber und kompakten Class-D-Verstärkern sowie ausgefeilter neuer Codecs für virtuellen Surround Sound steht im Hörgenuss mit Soundbar und Sounddeck nichts mehr im Wege.

Loudspeaker test reviews

We think we already know that our loudspeakers are good and that they are well received. After all, we develop most of this ourselves. But it's even better when the quality of our systems also appeals to others. This makes a large number of very good test reports about our products all the more gratifying. Over the years we have won a number of test victories and readers' votes. Quality simply prevails in the long term.