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Branding partnership for companies

Teufel x You

A Teufel product with your company or club logo is sure to please your music-loving fans. And who doesn't love music? We offer you a wide array of options to place your brand name on the product or packaging and thus create a limited Teufel collection that is distributed however you see fit.

Our branding favorites

Together with Audi Sport, we developed a limited edition of the AIRY TRUE WIRELESS in-ear headphones. It combines the legendary sound of Teufel from Berlin with sporty design elements ofpremium car manufacturer Audi.

Would you like to create an individual Teufel collection in the style of your company? Then we look forward to receiving your inquiry.

Audi Sport x AIRY TRUEWIRELESS: Branding down to the finest detail

Desperados x ROCKSTER CROSS: a long-term solution for an unconventional outing

Metal Hammer x BOOMSTER GO: eye-catching look, booming bass

Sparkasse x REAL BLUE TWS 2: The smallest parts for the largest effect

Monochrom x BOOMSTER: Brilliant design, room-filling sound

Monochrom x AIRY TWS: precision meets full sound

Optimas x ROCKSTER GO: classically unconventional

    We'd be happy to put together additional examples that meet your wishes.

    The Teufel quality promise

    Incentives - St. Pauli - REAL BLUE

    St. Pauli decided to enter into a branding partnership with us as part of their new webshop audio campaign. The aim of the partnership was to offer high-quality audio solutions to both follower groups. We defined suitable products for the project, developed the design and ultimately created personalised speakers in chic St. Pauli branding.

    If you want to implement your own design idea, let's make Teufel history together!

    Our products, individually designed

    With various printing and engraving processes, it is possible to personalise our products according to your wishes. Whether logos, lettering or the names of your employees, we will implement your ideas. You can also customise the product packaging. Whether artwork, exclusive banderole or outer packaging with a personal message, we look forward to your ideas!

    Start a branding project

    The AIRY TWS wireless in-ear headphones, including their charging case, have a battery life of more than 25 hours.
    BOOMSTER GO Schwarz von Teufel

    The robust Bluetooth speaker BOOMSTER GO in five colour variants offers powerful sound for every occasion.

    The CINEBAR ONE is a soundbar that, thanks to its compact size, can be used universally - on the TV, PC or in the hotel room.
    SUPREME ON - black - Set

    The ear-mounted Bluetooth headphones are equipped with smart features, for example, they start playing as soon as they are put on.
    Bluetooth ROCKSTER CROSS Schwarz Frontansicht

    The ROCKSTER CROSS portable speaker can be conveniently transported anywhere with its carrying strap and is very robust thanks to its thick-walled housing.
    Radio 3sixty

    The RADIO 3SIXTY fits well in the office or hotel room and is conveniently controlled via an app, remote control or Amazon Alexa.

    Do you have a creative idea of your own that you would like to implement? Get in touch with us if you have any questions or wishes, we'll be happy to help and are guaranteed to find the right solution!

    We'd love to give you a consultation!

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