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CAGE (2019) [Highlight XL]

Why we love this product

More performance, more features, more fun. The new CAGE headset is the next level for those that take gaming seriously. With individual sound profiles, virtual surround sound, wearing comfort and more tools for optimisation. the GAME is ready when you are.

CAGE (2019) [Highlight XL]

Key advantages at a glance

  • High-class gaming HD headset with integrated USB sound cards
  • 40mm linear HD drivers for earthy, deep bass as well silky highs with music, film and gaming playback.
  • Designed for all playing consoles, as well as PC
  • HD microphone with special polar pattern for the best speech comprehension, mute mic, intelligent echo cancellation with second microphone
  • Immersive over-ear cushions for the best wearing comfort and sound acoustics (also suitable for those who wear spectacles), the ear cushions can be swapped out and are washable
  • Impressive virtual surround sound on PC (depends on the use)
  • Volume controls on headset, individual sound profile accessible via software
  • Elegant design with Gunmetal-Alu, flexible spring steel and extra thick padding
(4.64 of 5 out of 145)
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We have completely reworked the CAGE and some great new features for an improved gaming experience. This is what is new:

  1. The microphone position has been lowered for a better acoustic performance.
  2. We integrated a new microphone capsule with directional characteristics for even better speech comprehension.
  3. The on-headset keys have been better positioned so you can control the headset with more ease
  4. We have decoupled the connections, which results in less cable noise.
  5. The headband now has an adapted shape for increased wearing comfort.
  6. More stable microphone connection - so that it can't be easily removed.
  7. You can assign more functions using the Teufel Audio Center.
Teufel Cage (2019)

Upgraded sound

We wanted to create a headset that delivered the best sound for a good price. After weeks of testing in our development hub, we developed a well-balanced headset that offers deep bassy sound, as well as fine, precise sounds too. The CAGE's sound is perfect for any usage, whether it's for gaming, music or watching a movie.

Immersive Over Ear Capsules
For the best comfort, sound and positioning.
Large 40mm Linear HD driver
With extreme strokes for balanced sound and high, distortion free sound.
To keep the headset light but also power it with a great long-lasting battery
PDS - CAGE (2019) - Explosionsgrafik
HD Michrophone
for amazing speech comprehension.
Precise sound Höhen
and fine details thanks to the best impulse behaviour.
Large resonance chamber
for a heavy, deep bass – without the worry of distortion

Entwickelt für Komfort

Neben der wertigen Verarbeitung aus dickwandigem Kunststoff, Alu-Gunmetal-Scharnieren und flexiblem Federstahl, zeichnet sich der CAGE mit seinem geringen Gewicht durch einen hohen Tragekomfort aus. Die extra dicken Ohrpolster schmeicheln deinen Ohren stundenlang, die eingebauten Lüftungsöffnungen lassen dich nie überhitzen.

Operation and ports

The CAGE can be connected to any PC, PlayStation and Mac with USB or jack cable. When it comes to the Xbox you have to connect 3.5mm jack cable*. 

The buttons have been especially designed to that even in complete darkness they can be used. So in team speak you shouldn't find yourself in any awkward situations. Here are some examples about how the multi-function buttons could be set up:

  1. Activate virtual surround sound 
  2. Game-Chat Balance: Lets you adjust the volume between chat and gaming sound directly during gaming without leaving the game
  3. Equalizer preset selection
  4. Change light intensity
  5. More functions to configure sound

*if you connect the CAGE with an analog 3.5 mm jack cable and wish to have a volume control on the cable, we recommend a so-called remote cable with volume control.

With the CAGE you can listen to your favourite tunes while playing your favourite games. Or when using them on your PC you can take a Skype call while playing games. The CAGE has an internal mixer that can can process the two audio singles together. 

Calling your beloved girlfriend that it will be late today is also possible with the CAGE as headset and your smartphone.

Teufel Audio Center

When you use the CAGE on your Windows PC you can access the Teufel Audio Center features. 

You configure the sound, selection the microphone level, activate the surround presets or add a voice effect.

Teufel Gaming PC null Headset CAGE Audio Center-Lautsprecher
Download Teufel Audio Center

Make it surround

If your game has real surround sound, this sound information is transmitted to your CAGE without delay and without audio loss. In addition, you can further enhance the impression of space on your PC with the virtual 7.1. surround sound algorithm in the Teufel Audio Center.

Teufel Gaming PC null Headset CAGE Audio Center-Lautsprecher Heimkino 5.1 Surround


A 1.3 metre mini jack and a 3 metre USB cable are included in the delivery. The microphone comes with removable protector

Included components

  • 1× Cable Mini-USB to USB for CAGE / CAGE
  • 1× mic boom for CAGE
  • 1× Mini-jack 3.5mm connector cable CAGE / CAGE
  • 1× CAGE


  • CAGE

    • Description Item
      Width 16.00 cm
      Weight 340 g
      Height 20.50 cm
      Depth 9.40 cm
    • Description Item
      Stereo jack 3.5mm - in 1
      Microphone jack 3,5mm - in 1
      Miscellaneous 1x Mikro-USB Anschluss
      7.1 USB sound card Yes
    • Description Item
      Android Yes
      Microsoft Yes
      iOS Yes
    • Description Item
      Integrated DSP Yes
      Adjustable sound settings Yes
    • Description Item
      Miscellaneous 1,5 m Klinkenkabel und 3 m USB-Kabel
    • Description Item
      Suitable for AV receiver Yes
      Enclosure type Closed
      Enclosure type Geschlossen
      Enclosure material Aluminium, Kunststoff
      Enclosure surface Aluminium, Kunststoff
      Miscellaneous 40-mm-Mylar-Töner
      Frequency range from/to 20 - 20000 Hz
      Impedance 32 Ohm

Expert reviews

Product Ratings
(4.64 of 5 out of 145)
No headphones for the PS4
Unfortunately, the headphones are not 100% compatible with the PS4. You can't adjust the voice and gaming sound there. The headphones are perfect for the computer, but unfortunately not for the console.
Excellent comfort and top sound quality
The Cage has a brilliant sound quality, an extremely realistic 7.1 feeling and a high level of wearing comfort, even after more than 6 hours of gaming sessions. On top of that, it is very stable and has a high quality finish. The price-performance ratio is absolutely reasonable!
I use the headphones mainly for video conferencing and listening to music on the computer. Even with glasses, it is comfortable for a long time. The sound is excellent for the price and the device is variable thanks to the detachable microphone and various connection options. Only the software should not be so hidden on the side. It works perfectly if you briefly switch off the anti-virus software during installation. A clear buy recommendation!
Close to perfection
The only negative thing I noticed is that when the sleeved USB cable runs over my jacket and I have it on a little bit, it touches the zip and there is a small noise in the ear cup, a kind of resonance, but I really only have that with my jacket.So and the rest is for a gaming headset megaGood sound (bass not as strong as from teufel used but for gaming Optimal), Super voice quality, Super haptics (you find every button immediately in the dark), super software and very important very good wearing comfort. very high quality and stable Clear buy recommendation
Very good quality
The product is convincing all along the line - visually, acoustically and haptically.
(automatically translated *)
Beautiful headset
Good: - Good sound- Comfortable seat- Many settings possible via softwareNot quite as good:- Software sometimes has a conflict with the system sound settings in Windows 10, at least for me. Then the volume can no longer be set on the headphones, but only in the Windows system settings. No idea why this is so:- Software window does not adapt to the screen, so that the bottom edge is no longer visible. But all functions can be set
Recommendable, good price/performance ratio!
Great to use thanks to the app, function is good, sound sounds good and great design. I use it almost exclusively for gaming, so I can't say much about other ways of using it.I can hear a very low noise in the background as soon as you connect the headset, which is a bit annoying at first, but then it's no longer audible when you're playing.There are lots of great functions in the app, and the best one is that you can connect Teamspeak and the game, so that you can share in the game with 7.1 function and chat function.I'm completely satisfied in any case.
great headset
I especially like the fact that it's not a plastic part, but really sturdy metal. I also like the fact that the microphone can be removed and I like the look too. The sound is good and there are lots of settings. So far we haven't regretted choosing Teufel.
Sound as expected very good, but
So there's not much to say about the sound, very detailed, at low volume already very good acoustic representation when gaming, BUT: the voice quality is worse if not significantly worse compared to the Hyper X Cloud II. What the 2020 Cage offers in terms of additional sound quality, it unfortunately loses in terms of voice quality. Therefore 1 star deduction. But since the communication still works well, I am very satisfied with the headset. For me, the acoustics are more important than the voice quality ;) I might have to say that the volume is lower via USB than via the jack connection. But maybe that's because the Hyper X Cloud II is a real roaring headset and I was a bit too used to the volume (but also less detail). But it's not the only Teufel product that has found its way into our house, and it's certainly not the last. ( Ultima 20 Mk2, Ultima 40, etc. ) :)
Very good
The product keeps its promise. I am very satisfied. Very long cable is not annoying at all. Sound experience 7.1 sensational. Very light headphones worn for several hours, no problems. I am very satisfied. My first Teufel product.
* Automatically translated by DeepL