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7 Products
7 Products
With the Consono range, Teufel will satisfy your desire for the best sound at the lowest price. Our company philosophy "A lot of sound for little money" is again proved true with this product series. For prices that are far below those of other manufacturers, you will get a high-quality speaker sets for unbeatable music, film and gaming acoustics.

Current Consono models

Our current Consono series for the highest audio quality:
  • Consono 25 Mk3
  • Consono 35 Mk3
Immerse yourself in the impressive home cinema world of Teufel speakers with the Consono series. For example, the Consono 25 offers excellent surround sound. Here you get 5 identical broadband satellite speakers with a tonally balanced tuning. The set creates a very harmonious soundscape due to the design of the satellite in the front, centre and rear area. The system gets the best bass support from the powerful subwoofer, the proud owner of a 100 Watt woofer. The overall extremely compact system makes integration in your home very easy and harmonises with every current AV receiver. The Consono 35 model is one step higher but still extremely cost-effective. With this set you can fill spaces of up to 30 m² with the finest 5.1 sound. This is ensured by the four two-way speakers for the front and rear seats. All five satellites have two similar 80mm mid-range speakers and one 19mm tweeter each. The subtle, high-gloss black aesthetic means that the speakers will look good in any setting! The Set 25 is also very helpful for surround sound beginners. Of course, this set also stands under the premise of "solid processing and even more solid sound".

Predecessor of the current Consono models
  • Compact 30
  • Consono 15
The strong sound of the Consono home-cinema starter kits is evidence of a real audiophile! These sets will provide great sound to those who truly appreciate it.
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