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Let's make it loud

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Stereo von Teufel

Why we love this product

You want stereo? You can get it with a double dose of bass to match. Save when you buy our bundle system.

Key advantages at a glance

  • Bundle of 2 x Power HiFi for a brutal stereo sound in highest quality in large rooms
  • Fully active, modular speaker system with extensive connection and configuration options
  • Impressive, extremely loud but clearly defined live sound
  • Bluetooth with apt-X® for wireless transmission in CD-like quality from Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and Co.
  • Two high-performance 12-inch subwoofers, one 8-inch mid-range driver and one tweeter horn for volumes above 115 dB
  • Highly efficient Class-D amplifiers with a total output of 440 Watts per tower
  • Auto-on/off function via RCA, XLR, TOSLINK and Bluetooth
  • High-quality metal control panel with display, USB sound card function, remote control
(4.8 of 5 out of 20)
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Live is loud

With the Power Hifi we set our engineers the task of combining two key principles: a dynamic range of setup possibilities and the performance of a PA system, known for its detailed and precise transmission of sound. Now, nothing's is stopping you enjoying your favourite sound at the level you want.

Developed with passion

For this project our engineers had one focus: the best possible sound. This was achieved thanks to extremely powerful 3-way systems, which is driven by a precisely tailored high efficient Class D amplifier system.

Power HiFi - Entwicklung 1
Placement of all components in the CAD programme.
Power HiFi - Entwicklung 2
The distance between each slat is calculated and checked.

    A sound that pervades

    Teufel Power Hifi

    The slats increase how far the sound from the tweeters can travel. Listeners who are sat far left or right to the speakers will hardly be able to notice the difference in sound.

    The tweeter, with its high efficiency and extreme capacity, can easily deliver heavy sound without distortion.

    The extremely large midrange driver ensures a warm, natural middle for better voice comprehension.

    The diagonal arrangement of the woofer isn't just space saving, but also ensures for a richer bass.

    The extremely long-stoke drivers are durable and produce a clean, dry bass.

    Power needs control

    Using your smartphone's Bluetooth or a conneced remote control, you can control over 115dB of sound.

    Bluetooth Phone Connection
    PDS - Power HiFi - Kontrolle
    PDS - Power HiFi - Fernbedienung

    The experience of quality

    On the solid side panels, you can control the volume, the sound, and the input type using the control unit and buttons. This makes listening to music even better.

    PDS - Power Hifi - Panel

    Beat Connection

    The Power HiFi is a ready-to-play system. Along with Bluetooth, there is also place for CD or vinyl players. You can also connect the system with your own mixer. The inputs also allow you to connect more Power HiFi systems together for an even bigger sound.

    PDS - Power HiFi - Anschlüsse

    From 1 to 2 to 3 to 4

    Regardless if a one-room apartment or a villa, thanks to a modular construction the Power HiFi can easily be set up accordingly in all situations, always achieving a real live sound feel.

    • Power Hifi - Aufstellung: Home

      1 x Power HiFi
    • Power Hifi - Aufstellung: Loft

      2 x Power HiFi
    • Power Hifi - Aufstellung: Stage

      4 x Power HiFi
    • Power Hifi - Aufstellung: Mono

      4 x Power HiFi

    Rocker connection

    Use this Cordial XLR cable to connect two ROCKSTERs, two ROCKSTER AIRs or two POWERHIFIs together and operate them as a stereo set for an even greater sound stage.

    PDS - Cordial XLR-Kabel

    Technical details:

    • Conductor cross-section (mm²): 0.22 mm²
    • Conductor design (mm) 28 x 0.10
    • Material: copper
    • Conductor resistance (Ohm/km) 85 Ohm/km
    • Conductor-conductor capacity(pF/m) 55 pF/m

    Included components

    • 2× POWER HIFI SW
    • 2× Power cable
    • 2× Remote control for Power Hifi
    • 2× POWER HIFI TW control unit
    • 1× 5.0 m cordial XLR cable
    • 2× POWER HIFI MD
    Stereo von Teufel


    • Subwoofer Bass


      Subwoofer unit with 2 high-performance bass drivers

      • Description Item
        Width 44.00 cm
        Weight 37.90 kg
        Height 76.00 cm
        Depth 39.20 cm
      • Description Item
        Enclosure material Wood
        Woofer (number per enclosure) 2
        Woofer (diameter) 305.00 mm
        Woofer (material) Pressed steel with iron magents
      Power HiFi MD


      Mid-range driver unit with powerful 200 mm driver

      • Description Item
        Width 44.00 cm
        Weight 13.90 kg
        Height 31.20 cm
        Depth 39.20 cm
      • Description Item
        Enclosure material Wood
        Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 1
        Midrange driver (diameter) 200.00 mm
        Midrange driver (material) Pressed steel with iron magnets
      Power HiFi TW Steuereinheit

      POWER HIFI TW control unit

      Tweeter and control unit with metal control panel incl. display

      • Description Item
        Width 44.00 cm
        Weight 8.06 kg
        Height 20.00 cm
        Depth 39.20 cm
      • Description Item
        Analogue outputs 1
        Miscellaneous Port to setup a second device (stereo setup)
        XLR output 1
        AUX Yes
        Cinch input stereo 1
        Miscellaneous XLR to add mixer
        XLR input 2
        Digital inputs optical 1
        2.0 USB sound card Yes
        Bluetooth aptX Yes
        Bluetooth Yes, incl. aptX and AAC
        Bluetooth Yes
        USB 2.0 Yes
      • Description Item
        Power supply voltage 230 volts
        Standby-Function Yes
        Maximum output - tweeter channel 20 Watt
        Maximum output - midrange channel 100 Watt
        Power output capacity impulse (peak) Bass 320 W
        Total power output capacity (RMS) 440 Watt
        Amplifier technology Class D
        Amplifier channels 3
      • Description Item
        Acoustic principle 3-Way-System
        Enclosure material wooden casing
        Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
        Tweeter (diameter) 25.00 mm
        Tweeter (material) Chassis: Plastic/Driver: Metal
        Frequency range from/to 32-20000 Hz
        Maximum sound pressure level 115 dB/1m

    Expert reviews

    Product Ratings
    (4.8 of 5 out of 20)
    A beautiful product. The sound is very good. It is very easy to assemble and set up. The finish is very elegant. The only disadvantage is that in stereo mode, after switching the Companion off and on again, it always has to be turned up to volume 100 by hand, as this is not possible with the remote control, as the speakers are otherwise differently loud/quiet. So it is "only" 4 out of 5 stars.
    The approach of the perfection, the highs are just and of a clarity without name, the mediums make perfectly their work and the basses poignant little one carries the volume they remain powerful.Of the HIFI to the pure state.I recommend highly ✌
    Ear-catching power samples
    From the Adagio by Albinoni to No Mercy by Gary Numan, sound to hear and feel. The Albinoni sadness hits you already at a volume of only 14 (goes up to 100) with a turntable with magneto dynamic element. Also with moving coil sublime to listen to. For the tracks of Gary Numan's Savage album, I used flac. Because at a volume of, say, 60 the roof just about flies off (and the turntable itself starts to join in) but without becoming annoying while maintaining a clear middle and crystal-clear highs. Also the live registration on BlueRay of Rush in Rotterdam, where we could be present in real life, sounds like you can be there again: Incredibly good!!! Not to mention the live performance by Michael Oldfield, Tubular Bells II in front of the castle in Edinburgh. Listeners who want to hear and feel the sound from whisper soft to rock hard, without it becoming unbearable: "Close your eyes and it's as if your favourite artist is giving a private performance for you in your room". Recommended.
    frank düwel
    the best speakers i have ever had
    (automatically translated *)
    Great sound
    Speaker plays very loud and distortion free.Bluetooth range is large enough to move freely around the house.Haven't managed to play a noise free signal via the AUX input to run the speakers via preout on the AVR.
    Sensational, this is high-end sound reinforcement.
    Professionally packaged, delivered in a flash and made a customer happy.thank you very much.
    (automatically translated *)
    Simply super!
    Since I have three more pairs of speakers from other manufacturers, I think I can ascribe a certain judgement to myself.I am predominantly an "analogue listener", so I mostly listen to records.If you listen to Deep Purple "Live In Japan" in the newly released pressing at a volume of 25 - 30, you think you are in the middle of it! Or Kansas: "Throwing Mountains", Long Distance Calling "Immunity", or the album "The Dark Third" or e.g. the title "Silent Genesis" from "Eupnea" by Pure Reason Revolution - WOW! But if you listen to something quiet, e.g. Andreas Vollenweider's "Quiet Places" or his earlier work "White Winds" at 15-20, you will hear that these speakers can do more. Here, the low bass is especially noticeable, coming from the speakers unobtrusively, but with pressure. But also the mids and trebles are very nice. Once again, the old saying "there's no substitute for membrane surface" comes true. And when the whole thing works in conjunction with a bass reflex, what more could you want? The only small flaw: Since the speakers are designed as PA speakers, the grilles cannot be removed (unfortunately).A listening distance of 3 m or more, which I have, should be sufficient.The remote control is also successful: Full metal, battery compartment secured with a screw. The remote control is also well done: full metal, battery compartment secured with a screw, it can even fall down without anything happening.The three-part design is also nice; you can transport the parts without a pallet truck ;-)Provided there is enough space, I can only warmly recommend the parts!
    I use the towers as a party system. Listening quietly is no problem and if you really need "pressure", there are no problems. When someone says "...it's like someone punching you in the stomach with their fist..." it's certainly not an understatement. At first I was a little disappointed because the connection cable was not included, but one call to Teufel and the cable was sent in no time at all. I can recommend the speakers without reservation and would buy them again at any time. The sound is great, the look is cool.
    Genius sound - far away from PA - Hifi pure - no high end but great sound
    I was worried about the high tone horn, because you can't compare horns with silky soft and brilliant heights of domes or razor sharp heights of ring radiators. But thanks to 8 weeks return policy I thought I'd give it a try. First I was in doubt, because the razor-sharp highs are not so sharp and then I subscribed to Deezer Hifi to play streaming music in CD-quality to the Teufels and with the right equalizer settings you can make there you can reach up to volume 70 of 100 a perfect undistorted sound experience. I've never seen a horn that can reproduce the treble in the lower range so well - 10-16 KHz is razor sharp and you can't reach a ring radiator, but I think there is no comparable system on the market under 10.000 Euro at the moment, if you want to enjoy good sound at a volume of 120 db - 130 db are possible but not undistorted - 105 db are achievable with good hifi systems. The difference of 15 db with good linear sound is what makes the difference and that is more than twice as loud! A little tip with Deezer Hifi and the right EQ setting will give you the perfect sound even at very low volume (from 4 of 100) - with youtube streaming the system will not sound good even at HQ - there it is ok but not good. Conclusion: With a good input CD player via mixer with EQ or Deezer Hifi with EQ you can reach a very high hifi level with incomparable volume - Louder is always possible with a screambox - But hifi louder does not go below 10.000 Euro - do not believe the people who say Klipsch is better or buy a reasonable PA - the Teufels have not heard the comparison with Deezer HIFI and EQ settings! I was always very sceptical about the reviews I read before I made my decision to buy - mega sound, or the walls are shaking - that doesn't mean anything...Everyone of you might know the part of Lemon Tree - Fools garden where the glass shatters on the floor - If it sounds like a plastic cup against the wall you don't have the right EQ settings - If it really sounds like a shattering glass and the Teufels with Deezer Hifi and the right EQ settings, then you really have FAT SOUND in HIFI quality.
    Even at lower volumes a huge difference compared to my old floorstanding loudspeakers is noticeable. Very clear mids and highs. The subwoofers let you experience the music in a sound bandwidth that you have never heard before. I have also integrated the speakers into my surround system via the pre-out (front L/R) of my receiver. The old subwoofer is basically out of work ;-).
    * Automatically translated by DeepL