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Enjoy music all around your home

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Streaming speakers: Wireless speakers for music without frontiers

Everyone appreciates great sound and it helps if it’s convenient. Streaming with Wi-Fi speakers allows the listener to recline on a sofa and regulate an endless stream of music with a smartphone or tablet. Our multi-room streaming system is unique in offering wireless speakers with sound comparable to the best wired solutions. Even lossless audio files are supported by Raumfeld technology and played back on high-end audio components. The result is immersive, Hi-Fi sound at the touch of a finger.

Streaming speakers use Wi-Fi to bring a world of music to your home

Audio streaming enables the wireless transmission of audio files to playback devices. All Teufel Streaming speakers are fully active loudspeakers with integrated networking technology. This means you won't need any other components when you purchase a Teufel Streaming device. Simply plug it in and enjoy access to a nearly limitless selection of music via popular streaming services, your own collection and internet radio. And each Teufel Streaming loudspeaker is able to communicate with other Teufel Streaming components. So your old stereo set you now use with the Raumfeld Connector network audio player can stream music in perfect sync to the Teufel One M in your bedroom and Teufel Sounddeck Streaming in your living room. How you build your system is up to you since Teufel Streaming multi-room systems are completely modular.

Setting up and selecting playback is easy and intuitive. Each Teufel Streaming device can be controlled by the free Teufel Raumfeld app. Teufel Streaming products can access music from personal digital libraries or the internet. In this way, it’s possible to fill one or more rooms with an endless variety of music.

Say goodbye to masses of tangled cables

Those who’ve shied away from purchasing a quality sound system for fear of tripping over masses of cables should consider the new wireless technology. Quality audio streaming without compromise is now available and it won't hold your living room hostage to unsightly wires. Instead of connecting to a source device such a CD or MP3 player via cable, the Teufel Streaming system is integrated into the home network via Wi-Fi. The audio signal, even from larger lossless files, is transmitted via Wi-Fi throughout your home. You won't even have to worry about your battery running dry as online music service communicate directly with each Teufel Streaming device. Your smartphone or tablet is simply the remote.

The problem of whether a system supports a certain audio file is a thing of the past with Teufel Streaming. Whereas most systems didn’t play lesser known formats or cannot support larger lossless files, Teufel Streaming speakers can play just about anything. There are no limits to the music you can enjoy.

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