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1 Products

Stream it easy – Hi-fi network players from Teufel

With the network players from Teufel you can easily stream your favourite music without the need of a PC. The clever network players make streaming possible on streaming servicers such as Deezer, Spotify, Napster or SoundCloud, so you can stream your music collection digitally via the Teufel Raumfeld app.

You can connect your own amplifier, AV receiver, soundbar or even sound deck via cinch cable or digital optical. The high-quality transducer from Cirrus Logic is integrated into the Teufel Connector and Teufel Streamer ensuring the best hi-fi sound experience. So you can be guaranteed of consistent, high level sound resolution. Both these network players can easily and wirelessly be controlled via the Teufel Raumfeld app.

What the network player Teufel Connector has up its sleeve

This beloved and diverse Teufel streamer network player can play music either analogue via cinch cable or digitally via digital optical from your current sound systems. The network player easily connects to your home WIFI, allowing you to play whatever you want without hassle. The Teufel Connector is also identical in construction with the now, unavailable Raumfeld Connector.

What the network player Teufel Streamer has to offer

The Teufel Streamer is the new version of the Teufel Connector with a tone of new upgrades. As well as WIFI, the Streamer allows you to connect via Bluetooth for even more choice when streaming. The new sensor buttons on the player allow you to connect and control your music directly to the device without the need of the app. Its new duel-core processor certifies for a clearer control navigation and quicker playback of songs.

Connecting the network players at home

Both network players from Teufel Streaming, the Connector and the Streamer are real team players. They are compatible with Internet radios, TVs, and music servers on UPnP-basis and connect easily with your home WIFI. All music sources can be connected and played thanks to the Network Attached Storage (NAS), USD hard disk and network player folders. Via line in port you can connect CD players, tuners or TV devices. Both streamers from Teufel can also be a part of a multiroom-systems consisting of Teufel speakers, thanks to their integrated Raumfeld technology.

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