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Who we are and where we come from.

In tune with Berlin

The people who work at Teufel are united by a passion for amazing sound. We conceive and design products in Berlin to offer the best possible sound in combination with modern design.

Since 1979, when we were founded here in Berlin, we have aimed to provide discerning music fans with high-quality but affordable speakers. And we have held to that promise ever since. To this day, we engineer, produce, and sell all our products ourselves. And that not only makes us unique - it brings a lot of advantages for our consumers.

Normally, the audio business works like this - a company designs and produces a speaker, then sells it to a distribution company. They then sell it on to a Hi-Fi shop, who finally sell it on to the consumer. At every step of the way, costs get tacked on.

But with Teufel, we sell directly to our consumers, and pass the savings along. A real win-win because we get to spread great audio technology to the masses, and our fans get ultra premium speakers and headphones at prices they can afford.

We do the design and selling ourselves

Teufel's direct-to-consumer model offers many advantages. You get the best sound at the best price. We cut out all the industry nonsense to provide more features and quality than most other products in the price category.

  • Up to 12-year warranty

    Teufel stands for quality and long-lasting products. That’s our promise to you, and it’s why we go beyond the legally mandated warranty up to 12 years on all passive speakers.

  • Our shop – one of the best

    The Teufel Webshop offers you a secure, straightforward shopping experience. That’s something our customers value, which is why our shop consistently ranks among the top of our industry on Trustpilot.

  • 8-week return policy

    Because every room sounds different, and we want to give you a chance to try out all the settings at your own pace, you can test our speakers at home risk-free for up to 8 weeks.

  • You get a say

    Teufel gleans inspiration and ideas for future products and updates to existing designs from you and our whole fan community.

  • A direct line of communication

    Nobody knows our products like we do, which is why our sales consultants and customer service agents are all directly employed by Teufel. And the service they provide is both professional, and available in many languages.

  • Free returns

    Had a change of heart, or want to check out another product? No problem! Just let our customer service know, and we’ll have it picked up free of charge.

We love good music.

Music that has soul. Music that makes us feel inspired. We don't know your soundtrack. But we want to make sure it sounds extra special. Just as special as the people all around us. And that individuality inspires us to design every Teufel product we make here in Berlin. And to get us there, we've always followed the best path a person can follow: their own.