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with the sound at ear level

Speaker stands

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What goes where?

AC 1001 SP AC 3001 SP AC 7001 SP
CONSONO 25 - CS 25 FCR MK3 °vertical only
CONSONO 35 - CS 35 FCR MK3 °vertical only
COLUMA 300 - CL 302 FCR °vertical only
LT 4 - L 430 FCR °vertical only
SYSTEM 4 THX - S 400 D
SYSTEM 6 - S 600 D
SYSTEM 6 - S 600 FCR
THEATER 500 Surround - T 500 DL / DR
ULTIMA 20/40 Surround - Center UL 40 C Mk3 18
Speaker stands - Made-to-measure speaker installation

The correct placement of your speakers adds to their overall sound quality. But how exactly do you position them correctly?

The distance between the speaker and the listener, as well as how the speakers are aligned, also play a major role, as does the symmetry of the speaker set. In other words, are the front and rear boxes at an appropriate distance apart? The height level of the speaker also plays a major role in the sound, because sound can only be optimally distributed around the room, and heard in the best quality by the audience, when the speakers sit directly at ear-level. You can optimise the sound of your Teufel speakers with our adjustable stands.

Perfect sound at ear-level

Speaker stands offer many advantages. The biggest advantage is that the speakers can be adjusted for different listening positions. Stands can be really useful, especially for bookshelf speakers.As the name suggests, these sound transducers are designed to be placed on shelves and also produce great sound there. Give your speakers some room to breathe and don't hide them behind books or CDs.

Teufel loudspeaker stands give your speakers room to breathe - annoying vibrations are eliminated.

Take, for example, Teufel's Definion 3: stereo speakers of a superior Hi-Fi class. The Definion 3 has already won several awards from trade press, and gives a very impressive performance from your bookshelf. Nevertheless, if paired with the right speaker stand, it can really show off its abilities: the speakers stand freely, at a height of 67.5cm, which perfectly matches the position of a sitting receiver. You can attach the speakers to the stand in such a way that the sound flows directly to the listener. Using the stand to place the speakers a little further away from the wall, they can really unleash their full sound potential. The result is a more precise soundscape and more detailed playback.

Tune up your sound: Teufel speaker stands

Compact loudspeakers are much more effective when they are paired with the appropriate stand. Whether in the stereo (front) or rear area. The matching stand perfectly reveals the voluminous sound of your speakers.

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