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Glam rock

Color: silver


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MOTIV GO - silver - Set

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Bluetooth-Lautsprecher BAMSTER Bild

Why we love this product

The BAMSTER PRO is a portable Bluetooth speaker and powerful at-home sound system in one. Dynamore® and Bass Boost technologies ensure a superior listening experience both on-the-go and at home. A high-end aluminium outer casing gives the system an elegant appearance in your home office, kitchen or at your next picnic.

Bluetooth-Lautsprecher BAMSTER Bild

Key advantages at a glance

  • Handy mobile Bluetooth speaker with exceptional sound
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX & NFC deliver high-quality music streaming from smartphones
  • Aluminium broadband drivers + two passive bass membranes produce clear and powerful sound
  • Integrated hands-free function transforms the device into a practical speaker phone when needed
  • Features on-device controls, high-capacity battery with 10hr runtime and handy charging cradle
  • Up to 20m Bluetooth range, aluminium body, battery life indicator, AUX audio input
  • Hi-fi tuning balances crystal-clear highs and dynamic bass with excellent grip
  • Teufel’s virtual Stereo Boost technology ensures a broad soundstage
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The BAMSTER PRO is a portable Bluetooth speaker and powerful at-home sound system in one. Dynamore® and Bass Boost technologies ensure a superior listening experience both on-the-go and at home. A high-end aluminium outer casing gives the system an elegant appearance in your home office, kitchen or at your next picnic.

Glam rock

The same developers who built the high-end floor-standing speaker Definion 5 have created the BAMSTER PRO. True hi-fi fans will be thrilled.

  • The BAMSTER PRO is designed as a stereo system for versatile use. Experience a spacious, broad sound panorama.
  • Thanks to a special suspension system, the two wide band amplifiers with an aluminium diaphragm allow for maximum stroke, designed for high distortion-free levels.
  • The harmonic radiation pattern offers optimal sound perception both in- and outdoors.
  • A digital signal processor from analogue devices together with Dynamic Boost provides a balanced frequency response for full, round and unobtrusive reproduction.
  • Passive bass drivers on the bottom of the speaker push the cut-off frequency to 59 Hz for deep, powerful bass signals.
  • A class-D amplifier drives the diaphragms to maximum noise levels of 100.6 dB at a distance of 20cm with minimum power consumption. Simply the best!

Bluetooth-Lautsprecher BAMSTER

NFC contact point

Volume control, LED ring

Microphone with noise suppression feature

Aluminium membrane

Bass driver

Aluminium housing


The BAMSTER PRO is the first product to use the Dynamore® technology developed by Teufel here in Berlin. This adapts the signals identically through the left and right channels in such a way that the perceived stereo panorama is enlarged far beyond the actual dimensions. Thanks to the innovative cross-correlation filter, the portable speaker produces sound as wide as that of two compact bookshelf speakers. We took great care to ensure that no negative tonal changes occur, as with conventional stereo widening.

Charging cradle

A practical charging cradle supplies the BAMSTER PRO with electricity at home and charges it for use on the go.

Teufel Bluetooth-Lautsprecher BAMSTER

Bluetooth 4.0

The BAMSTER PRO streams from smartphones, tablets, PCs and notebooks with incredible ease. Bluetooth 4.0 guarantees a highly stable wireless connection and the cleverly integrated antenna extends the range between the BAMSTER PRO and source device to up to 20 m. The quality of playback produced from streamed audio is incredibly high thanks to aptX. This codec produces high-definition sound from digital music streamed via Bluetooth. Easily begin playback from a wide range of apps including YouTube, Spotify and radio at the tap of your finger.

An integrated NFC contact point eliminates the paring procedure between the BAMSTER PRO and source device. Simply hold your smartphone or tablet to the BAMSTER PRO, confirm and start streaming. Up to 6 separate device profiles can be saved.



The BAMSTER PRO uses an integrated microphone so that you can enjoy handsfree conversations in excellent sound quality. Unlike your smartphone’s speakerphone function, you’ll hear the other party loud and clear. The speakerphone function works with Android, iOS and Windows phones.

Teufel Bluetooth-Lautsprecher BAMSTER


The BAMSTER PRO is fashioned from robust, sand-blasted, matte-anodised aluminium for a premium look and feel as well as a high degree of durability. The extremely stable enclosure made from a resonance-damping metal ensures that no vibrations colour the sound. The bottom is made from a tough ABS synthetic.

Teufel Bluetooth-Lautsprecher BAMSTER

Additional features

A 3.5 mm jack plug makes it possible to directly connect sources like MP3 players or your smartphone. A practical charging cradle supplies the BAMSTER PRO with electricity and ensures that the device is always charged when you need it. The LED ring clearly indicates the current battery level so you won’t get caught out with no music. On-device buttons make it possible to skip forward and back, start and pause playback -- all without reaching for your phone.


Included components

  • 1 Charging cradle for BAMSTER PRO
Bluetooth-Lautsprecher BAMSTER


  • BAMSTER PRO - silver - Set


    With its compact dimensions and Bluetooth connectivity, the BAMSTER PRO is a sleek and flexible stereo system that is equally at home at BBQs and business presentations.

    • Description Item
      Width 20,4 cm
      Height 7,8 cm
      Depth 8,2 cm
      Weight 0,77 kg
    • Description Item
      Stereo jack 3.5mm - in 1
      Bluetooth Yes
      Bluetooth aptX Yes
      Speakerphone function Yes
      NFC Yes
      Connectors - Charging station Yes
    • Description Item
      Android Yes
      iOS Yes
      Microsoft Yes
    • Description Item
      Battery type Lithium-ion
      Automatic on/off Yes
      Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
      Total power output capacity (RMS) 20 W
      Amplifier configuration 2.0
      Amplifier channels 2
    • Description Item
      Enclosure material Aluminum
      Enclosure surface Sandblasted, matte anodized
      Broadband loudspeakers (number per enclosure) 2
      Broadband loudspeakers (diameter) 50 mm
      Woofer (number per enclosure) 2
      Woofer (diameter) 46 mm
      Frequency range from/to 59 - 20000 Hz
      Maximum sound pressure level 90 dB/1m
      Acoustic principle 2-way-system
      Enclosure type Closed
    • Description Item
      Dynamore® Yes

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