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Authentic as our sound

The faces
of Teufel

We love charismatic personalities who share our values and fit the Teufel lifestyle. No matter whether they come from the world of fashion, sport or film, we are united by the courage to follow our inner voice and break new ground.

Frederick Lau

Frederick plays with heart and soul. Always intense, always real and honest. An authentic Berliner with rough edges. One like us. For two years now, the actor has been the face of our brand and shares our passion for good sound.

Ali Lacin

 Ali, a professional athlete from Berlin, is aiming high: he won the bronze medal in the 200 m sprint at the 2019 Para World Championships and thus qualified for the Paralympic Games in Tokyo in 2021. He stood in front of the camera for Teufel in 2020 and staged the AIRY SPORTS.

Buki Akomolafe

Designer Buki gives fast fashion the cold shoulder and produces sustainable clothing from fair-trade materials. Eye-catching prints and bright colours are her trademark. In her Berlin showroom in the Bergmannkiez, you can admire the fashion in an androgynous style.

Fabio Wibmer

For Fabio, gravity doesn't seem to exist. The cyclist performs the most incredible tricks on his bike and keeps an audience of millions on the edge of their seats with his videos. The fact that he balanced a Teufel speaker while standing on his bike handlebars during the shooting in summer 2020 was no big deal for him, but for us, it was great