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Team - Web IT & Web Content

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Web IT & Web Content

Web IT
 Our team continuously refines our web shop using the latest technologies and agile working methods

Dominik, PHP Developer

Karriere - Team - Web IT - Dominik
What does your daily task list consist of?

As a full stack PHP developer, I am responsible for maintaining our development environment and automating the workflow. In addition, our team works together with our external agencies and the various specialist departments to optimise and continuously refine our web shop using the latest technologies and agile working methods.

How do you work together with other departments?

We work closely with the graphic design team, with the help of which the typical Teufel look is consistent across our online presences. In order to continue to present and consolidate our existing products on the market and to be able to establish new products, we are in constant dialogue with the content and online marketing team, which places high demands on the further development and optimisation of the software. Another important cross-disciplinary link exists with our ERP team, the interface to our merchandise management system, in order to guarantee a secure and continuous data exchange at all times.

What kind of developers work for you?

Our team currently consists of four full-stack PHP developers focusing on the optimisation, maintenance and continuous development of our web shops as well as a front-end developer with a strong focus on corporate and full-responsive design and the support of all technical blog topics. We also have a Usability Manager with focus on usability, user experience and conversion optimisation

Web Content
We are all technology freaks and love our products.

Markus, Head of Web Content

Karriere - Team - Web Content - Markus
Which areas are covered by Web Content?

The Web Content team provide a direct interface with our customers: we present all products in our webshops and on sales platforms. We maintain the pictures, descriptions and technical data, create comparison and explanatory pages and publish campaigns. Even with visible changes in the web shop, such as a new design or new features, we are always present.

How would you describe your team?

My team is at home on the Internet and has a love of detail. We are all technology freaks and love our products. In this way, we succeed in implementing new designs perfectly with HTML, CSS and various frameworks as well as continuously improving the usability of our web shops. We have also internalised the use of large shop and content management systems.

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